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Evan Fong (brought into the world 31 May 1992), referred to online as VanossGaming, is a Canadian web character, computer game analyst, and music maker. Likewise, He posts montage-style recordings on YouTube of him and different makers playing different computer games. Beside this, he delivers music under the name Rynx, and filled in as an inventive chief for the computer game Dead Realm, and as a voice entertainer for the YouTube Premium arrangement Paranormal Action Squad.


VanossGaming, genuine name Evan Fong, was conceived on the 31st of May, 1992 in the Canadian city of Toronto. As a youngster, he grew up playing ice hockey and turned out to be very gifted at it. Because of his adoration for ice hockey, he didn’t give a lot of consideration to video games. He just played them sparingly and the games he played were youngsters puzzle and experience games, for example, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, and Duke Nukem 3D.


VanossGaming had his instruction at Richmond Hill High School before moving to the states where he enlisted at the University of Pennsylvania to examine Economics. He made his YouTube channel on the fifteenth of September 2011 and began transferring recordings of him and his companions playing computer games while he gives interesting editorials. His soonest recordings included games, for example, Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 11, preceding proceeding onward to Grand Theft Auto V and Garry’s Mod.

VanossGaming is a Canadian online superstar, a computer game reporter. He is one of the most mainstream characters on YouTube where he posts amusing recordings of him and his companions playing computer games. Because of these recordings, he has had the option to hoard almost 25.3M subscribers and his recordings have been seen a shocking 10 billion times. Discover more about the gamer here, including his age, family life, and total assets.

PROFESSION Video Game Commentator, Singer
YOUTUBE VanossGaming
SUBSCRIBERS25.3M subscribers
DATE OF BIRTHMay 31, 1992
AGE (AS IN 2020)28 Years


On the off chance that you are keen on computer games, okay prefer to watch others messing around on YouTube? A large number individuals really would. Hence, This is the thing that made Evan Fong (prominently known as Vanoss for his YouTube gaming channel VanossGaming) celebrated. His channel is as of now the 27th most bought in channel on YouTube, with more than 18 million supporters; more than 5 billion perspectives on his recordings (as of September, 2016).

vanossGaming With Marshmello

Since, Evan essentially transfers recordings of him messing around with his companions; regularly in a ludicrous or dubious circumstance, loaded up with interesting analysis that his crowd can appreciate viewing. He has an immense assortment of more than 400 recordings covering games like; Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Grand Theft Auto V, Dead Rising 3, Garry’s Mod and others. His recordings are typically an accumulation of ‘entertaining snapshots’ of his play-through of different games.

He regularly works together with other YouTube gamers like H2ODelirious, Mini Ladd, Daithi De Nogla, Lui Caliber, and so on; and plays the games together to make content for their channels. He has additionally worked with famous YouTubers, for example, Adam “SeaNannersMontoya and Tom “Syndicate” Cassell; marking an agreement in April 2015 for a multi-channel network established by them.


HEIGHT5 ft. 11 inches
WEIGHT80 kg.
ETHNICITYOn his father’s side, he has Chinese ancestry and on his mother’s side, he is of Korean descent.

Career Of VanossGaming

Vanoss grew up playing puzzle/adventure games like Freddi Fish and Pajama Sam. He launched the gaming channel ‘VanossGaming’ in September 2011. His early videos features funny moments/deaths from Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and from Grand Theft Auto V. The channel has grown to more than 21 million subscribers and more than 8.5 billion video views.

Playing ice-hockey

It is one of the most subscribed channel on the YouTube platform. His most popular uploads include “Gmod Sandbox — The Toys Escape! (Garry’s Mod Skits & Funny Moments)” and “GTA 5 Best Moments — Funny Moments, Glitches, Skits”. The VanossGaming logo has an “Owl” design with a prominent “V” in the middle. Vanoss has collaborated with a number of YouTube stars, including Adam Montoya (SeaNanners), Tom Cassell (Syndicate), and H2O Delirious. He was featured on the “YouTube Gaming Evolution” panel at the 2015 PAX East festival in Boston, Massachusetts.
Vanoss is currently signed to the multi-channel network ‘Jetpak‘.


He was nominated for “Trending Gamer” at the 2014 The Game Awards. He picked up a 2016 Shorty Award nomination in the Tech and Innovation category for gaming. Vanoss served as a creative director on the horror-style multiplayer PC game ‘Dead Realm’ (2015). He co-created the adult animated comedy series ‘Paranormal Action Squad’ alongside YouTubers SeaNanners, and Mr. Sark. The first season premiered on November 16, 2016 on YouTube Red. Vanoss wrote, produced and starred in the comedy-fantasy series Superhero School (2017-). He also hosts the ‘Vanoss Gaming Radio’ on Spotify. He has millions of followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

YouTube’s second-highest earner in 2017

On the off chance that 2015 regarded VanossGaming, at that point there was a very decent possibility that later years would be far and away superior if patterns held. They did, and Vanoss saw enormous profit in 2017. How gigantic? He was the second-most elevated worker on YouTube period — simply behind individual gamer DanTDM. Also, from that subsequent spot, he pulled in a great all out of $15.5 million for 2017 alone.


At the time the Forbes of top YouTubers was ordered — which was at the year’s end — the site had determined a lot of amazing details about Vanoss’ channel. For example, he’d pulled in over 8.4 billion perspectives on his channel since its beginning, and his channel was the 24th-generally bought in with almost 25 million individuals joining to get his most recent recordings.

3rd on Forbes’ 2017 list of the Top 10 Biggest Influencers in Gaming

In the event that you glance through the 2017 release of Forbes’ Top 10 Gaming Infleuncers list, will undoubtedly observe some natural names. Markiplier caught the main spot, for example. PewDiePie is #2 on the rundown, however one could contend he’s similarly also referred to for his discussions as he is for his substance. You may even perceive DanTDM at #7, who we’ve expounded on already.

Everybody on the rundown on the whole stretches around 228 million individuals, which isn’t a unimportant total. What’s more, VanossGaming, who was a simple hockey-playing financial matters understudy simply a couple of brief years back, holds the #3 spot. What does being an influencer in computer games mean, precisely? As far as being a substance maker, it can mean a great deal regarding income.

Game distributers, equipment creators, and retailers are regularly hoping to group with the individuals who make computer game substance so they can arrive at the broadest crowd conceivable. These organizations regularly appear as sponsorships, which can mean anything from free stuff to pay contracts. They’re another wellspring of pay outside of YouTube promotion income, which implies that Vanoss is likely making some genuine batter.


QUALIFICATIONbachelor of economics
SCHOOLRichmond Hill High School
COLLEGEUniversity of Pennsylvania

Awards of Evan Fong

Fong’s substance has earned him two honor designations, including a Shorty Award for Tech and Innovation, under the classification of Gaming. He has been perceived as a focal figure in the subculture of computer game critique, with distributions crediting his gigantic ubiquity to his feeling of realness.

How much money is Evan Fong from Vanossgaming worth Nowadays?

He’s no Ninja, yet he’s absolutely made a name (and a decent amount of money) for himself on YouTube. Evan Fong, otherwise known as Vanossgaming, has 24 million supporters on YouTube. His novel, eye-getting thumbnails gain him a large number of perspectives on his trick filled GTA 5 and Gmod recordings. The buddy has a fruitful brand on his hands, however what amount of cash is it making him?

Toward the finish of 2019, Forbes recorded Vanossgaming as one of the “kids” who are slaughtering it on YouTube. He was 10th on their rundown of the most generously compensated YouTube stars, ramming into huge names like Markiplier, PewDiePie, and Jefree Star. So as to sort out precisely how much these stone monument channels are worth, Forbes made profit gauges “dependent on information from Captiv8, SocialBlade and Pollstar just as meetings with industry insiders.”

In light of this technique, Forbes determined that Vanossgaming must gross $11.5 million every year. That isn’t anything to wheeze at, to lay it out simply. Between June of 2018 and June of 2019, Vanossgaming attracted roughly 1.5 billion perspectives. Once more, an extremely amazing number, however how about we separate that into dollars and pennies.

YouTubers gain their large, bodacious checks by adapting their channels. Because of his solid transfer plan, SocialBlade gauges that Vanossgaming gains a normal of 4 million perspectives for every day. Those 8 million eyeballs taking a gander at the advertisements on his divert acquires anyplace between $1,100 to $17,700 every day. It’s no big surprise then that his total assets is assessed to be $25 million.


Vаnоѕѕgаmіng grоwth rаngе іѕ аррrохіmаtеlу аn аvеrаgе оf 10,000 ѕubѕсrіbеrѕ реr dау. Fоng іѕ bеlіеvеd tо mаkе аn аvеrаgе оf $13 thоuѕаnd реr dау frоm Yоuтubе аdvеrtіѕіng. Не аlѕо ѕеllѕ ѕоmе оf hіѕ vіdеоѕ аnd mеrсhаndіѕе tо hіѕ lоуаl fаnѕ vіа hіѕ wеbѕіtе. Аѕ оf Осtоbеr 2020, Аll thіѕ brіngѕ Vаnоѕѕgаmіng nеt wоrth tо $30 mіllіоn.

Vanossgaming Girlfriend

Generalizations frequently consider video gamers as geeks who have zero social abilities. Evan is a geek however feels comfortable around the women. He is dating a blonde stunner by the name Sydney who passes by her Instagram handle @Itskricken

Like Evan, Sydney is additionally a gamer and a web character. Be that as it may, her YouTube channel is generally subsidiary with her #1 game, Minecraft. There were bits of gossip that the pair separated yet no sources to back it up. The blonde excellence presently lives in Los Angeles, while Vanoss lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his folks.

Success to Stardom Of VanossGaming

Notwithstanding the way that Evan Fong is one of the best YouTube gamers, he didn’t play such a large number of computer games during his adolescence. He was fairly inspired by ice hockey and was in any event, seeking after an athletic grant. The not many games that he played as a kid incorporate Freddy the Fish, Pajama Sam, Duke Nukem 3D and Crash Bandicoot. YouTube resembled a pastime that he didn’t pay attention to at first.

After its creation in 2011, his YouTube direct was just average in notoriety for about a year and half. Afterward, when he began transferring a progression of Call of Duty: Black Ops IIinteresting minutes’ recordings, his channel began to increase a great deal of endorsers. His most well known game arrangement, notwithstanding, is Grand Theft Auto V. His arrangement on GTA5 recordings helped him to beat numerous famous YouTubers. Afterward, his recordings on Gary’s Mod have had the option to coordinate to the degree of his GTA arrangement.

Beyond His Stardom

Evan Fong dropped out of college in his subsequent year to invest more energy on his YouTube channel. This was not a simple choice as his folks didn’t exactly uphold this. Additionally, he himself didn’t know of his prosperity on YouTube as an option in contrast to a fulltime work. This deferred his choice to drop out of school, yet he in the long run did it when his channel began to pick up prevalence. He obtained his gaming ID Vanoss from his dad who utilized the name ‘vanoss62’ on his Playstation 3 record.

At first utilizing Iron Man or Batman for his character model, Evan later changed to the Bat Owl model that he utilizes now. In November 2015 he changed his ‘VG’ logo to mirror the Bat Owl model with a conspicuous ‘V’ in it. Among the games that he has played, he is generally attached to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. Evan likewise filled in as an inventive chief on a game called Dead Realm, which formally delivered in 2016. Playing hockey since the age of six, he has partaken in numerous hockey rivalries and has played for 4 hockey groups. Aside from playing computer games or ice hockey, he likewise enjoys playing the guitar.

Facts About Evan Fong

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Social Media


Evan Wong Twitter handle is having 3.1M Followers


In Evan’s Facebook page 1,884,502 people like this and 1,885,549 people follow this.


VanossGaming Instagram is having 3.7m followers.

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YouTube channel of VanossGaming  is having 25.3M subscribers right now.

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