Are you feeling hungry? Don’t have a clue how to cook? Indeed, we got your back! We will enlighten you regarding Nisha Madhulika who cooks new stuff each day and makes cooking look the most effortless of all. With all her unique easy moves, she organizes all the fixings on the kitchen top. With all the basics like newly trim spinach and coriander with finely slashed green chillies, she stands up before the camera with her hair perfectly tied behind in a home-squeezed kurta and a comforting grin to rouse various tenderfoot cooks out there on the planet.


Nisha Madhulika, 60, has made considerable progress since the time she made her first video and transferred it on YouTube on May 16, 2011. Presently, a huge number of people from everywhere the world visit her YouTube channel, which presents vegan plans. Nisha auntyji, as she is affectionately called by her 10.5M (and developing) subscribers base which incorporates people from India as well as spots as distant as Africa and Australia, is one of the main five YouTube celebs in Asia. Furthermore, hold your breath, with a whole perspective on 1.33 Billion supporters (9 June 2019).

NAMENisha Madhulika
NICKNAMECooking Queen
PROFESSIONChef, YouTube personality and restaurant consultant
SUBSCRIBERS10.5M subscribers
HOMETOWNNoida, Uttar Pradesh
DATE OF BIRTH25 Aug, 1959
AGE (AS IN 2020)61 Years

Her number of perspectives every month is in excess of 18 million, and the quantity of normal perspectives every day ranges somewhere in the range of 575,000 and 625,000. Since that early morning of 2011, she has till now transferred 2000+ recordings of veggie lover dishes (without onions and garlic, totally sustained) slurped up by new ladies, disciples figuring out how to live alone, and anyone who feels they have to taste their maa ke haath ka khana while living ceaselessly from home. YouTube likewise as of late remembered her for its Top Chefs end table book for her accomplishment in this serious field.

Professional Life

Since, she adored cooking so she concluded cooking to be the topic for her sites. At the essential stage, she started writing sites for the khanabnana site. At that point subsequent to expounding on in excess of a hundred plans, she chose to make her very own site on the exhortation of her child. She started transferring photographs and cycle of plans on her site called ““. As the rundown of her plans started getting more extensive, her adherents urged her to make recordings for her plans to make it simpler for them to follow her bearings.


This caused the making of a cooking YouTube direct in the time of 2009. Initially, she used to transfer recordings on her channel with the help of her better half and child. However, after her channel got well known, she selected a committed group, which presently deals with her shooting and transferring the formula recordings on her mainstream channel. As of now, she has in excess of 10.5M subscribers on her notable channel. Her inventiveness has profited her to advance more than 2000+ recordings on her YouTube channel throughout some stretch of time.

Sanjeev Kapoor, a predominant Indian culinary expert has additionally respected her for her enthusiasm for cooking. She expresses that she doesn’t hold any degree in cooking and has taken in the specialty of cooking from her mom. At 61 years old, she found a way to adore her energy and offer her specialty with others. She has made a fortune with her dedication and creativity close by following her craving.

HEIGHT5′ 3” Inches

Awards & Accolades

In 2014, she turned into the Top YouTube Chef. In November 2017, she was granted as the Top YouTube Cooking Content Creator in the Social Media Summit and Awards, 2017. Nisha has been included in interviews in Lok Sabha TV, as a face of YouTube’s “#seesomethingnew” drive in 2016. She additionally added to the ‘Task Druv’, an activity by Tata Trusts India to bring web substance to the towns of India. In 2016, she was named one of India’s Top 10 YouTube Stars by EconomicTimes. Nisha was highlighted in Vodafone’s ‘Ladies of Pure Wonder‘ foot stool book in 2016.

Nishamadhulika’s YouTube Journey

Nisha is one of the main Indian YouTube channels; she began after YouTube picked up ubiquity in India during 2009.

Subsequent to increasing an encounter enough to be an expert cook, in 2009, she dispatched her YouTube channel where she transferred Indian plans, essentially vegan which she keeps on doing as such right up ’til today. Her blog was getting a great deal of foothold and her fans would frequently demand her to put out a video.


This was somewhat of an issue from the outset, as her kitchen as a setting didn’t turn out appropriately for the substance. This is the point at which her better half began contributing during shooting, altering and transferring cycles of the recordings, and they set up a stay with the necessary props and lighting. With her fan base developing, Madhulika currently puts out three plans per week. She holds two days of the week for shoots; four days are put aside to investigate, draw in with her adherents, and react to their messages.

Family of Nisha Madhulika

she finished her initial schooling and graduation in her country Uttar Pradesh. Her husband’s other’s name is M.S Gupta who is a capable tech entrepreneur. They have two children. Nisha Madhulika started her vocation once she was very youthful, with that she dwelled with her significant other by supporting her better half’s business. Nisha was bit wriggled with void home problem. By then, she started to keep in touch with her own blog in regards to how to cook Indian veggie lover plans in 2007, which offer her monstrous popularity.


More About her professional life

After a significant work, she feeling desolate. so she chose to make her enthusiasm into calling. she was begun composing a blog article on food and food formula. Her child and Husband doing help in his work.

Beginning stage she began composing a blog to Khanabanana site. By getting some information about blog compose and she compose 100 or more blog on food. By her significant other exhortation, she was beginning its own site name ““.


As her rundown of plans began getting longer, many individuals like their blog entry. What’s more, numerous individuals solicitation to Nisha to make a video on the formula. So after she finding support to child and spouse began a YouTube direct in 2009.

she was beginning transfer a video on various dish veg and nonveg.

After her channel got the fame, she has now named a group, which deals with shooting and transferring the recordings her channel. As of now, she has in excess of 65 lakh endorsers on her channel.

The primary concern is that his calling works at 62 years old and get fruitful inside 7 to 8 years. Nisha Madhulika confirmation that no age matters in progress.

she has transferred 1500 or more video on YouTube. By getting a triumph, Sanjeev Kapoor, a well known top Indian culinary expert has additionally adulated her for the enthusiasm for cooking.

Nisha Madhulika Awards

  • In 2013 Nisha Madhulika Get grant YouTube’s Helping Women Get Online. By You Tube. She is the motivation for a ton of ladies.
  • Nisha was given a spot in the rundown of “YouTube Top Chef” in 2014.
  • In 2017 she has been granted Social Media Summit and Awards for a youtube channel for cooking.
  • Nisha Madhulika example of overcoming adversity cover different magazines, for example, Bloomberg India Today Economics Times.
  • She was likewise given a meeting on Lok Sabha TV
  • Nisha mam additionally subtitled in “Ladies of Pure Wonder” in 2016, which is an end table book distributed by Vodafone organization to perceive 50 striking, fearless and splendid ladies.

Social Media


Nisha Madhulika’s YouTube channel is having 10.6M subscribers.


Her Instagram handle is having 221k followers.


In Facebook 4,360,028 people follow her and 1,884,584 people liked her page.

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