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The genuine name of Total Gaming is Ajay also called Ajju Bhai in Indian Gaming Community. He is the most mainstream and followed Free Fire major part in India just as everywhere on over the world. He is an expert development programmer by calling yet got well known after his Free Fire game plays. He is a 12 class recognition dropout understudy by training yet has involvement with the product field and furthermore works in a product organization as a development programmer. At 23 years old, he has just got a great deal of accomplishment in his life similar to India’s most bought in gaming youtuber.

AJJU bhai’s Personal Life

Ajay was conceived in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is a twelfth and Diploma dropout. Despite the fact that being the most bought in gaming YouTuber in India, YouTube isn’t his full-time occupation; he is a product engineer, a consultant and a “development programmer”, and is accepted to be working at Surat, Gujarat. He can code in numerous dialects including PHP and JavaScript.

RESIDENCEahmedabad,gujrat , india
PROFESSIONGamer & Growth Hacker
FREE FIRE ID451012596
CLANArrow (Team 1)
PHONE NUMBER9909430389
HOMETOWNGujrat, Ahmedabad
AGE24 years
HEIGHT5’10” Feet-Inches
EDUCATIONDiploma dropout
HOBBYGaming and Listening music

Lifestyle of Ajju Bhai

Ajay has a place from a basic white collar class family and lives with his dad, mother and a little sibling in Ahmedabad. A little group of 4 individuals, they used to live with satisfaction and bliss and are a lot of steady and comprehension towards one another. Ajju Bhai’s life is too occupied as a result of his organization work and YouTube vocation as he needs to oversee both of these.

In youth, his life was a lot of basic methods school to home and home to class yet after tenth he joined a confirmation in programming designing however because of absence of fixation he didn’t finish and left it in the middle. Yet, he took in certain aptitudes in programming fields which helped him to find a new line of work in a product organization.

In any case, his life turned out to be more occupied after he got accomplishment in YouTube vocation as he needs to oversee both inside a similar time however once he uncovered that he is considering leaving the place of employment on his live stream.


After 10, he began his profession in a product organization yet his life took u turn when he began his YouTube divert in 2018. He lit playing Free Fire on his YouTube channel which got substantially more accomplishment than his desire regardless of the pattern of PUBG Mobile in the nation was at the pinnacle.

He began two channels named Total Gaming and Total Gaming Live on Oct 9, 2018 and at present has in excess of 10 million and 3 million endorsers separately on it. He used to play Free Fire, Call OF Duty Mobile, PUBG and GTA 5 on live stream. A portion of his paramount minutes:



Ajay began playing low-necessity portable games like Clash of Clans in 2015. He lit playing Garena Free Fire in 2018, after he viewed a couple of his companions playing it, since it began picking up ubiquity in India in that period. He didn’t have cell phones that could support such games, so he began playing the game on his PC. Subsequent to acing the game mechanics, he chose to enter YouTube, and began his channel on October 9, 2018.

He began transferring recordings of Garena Free Fire tips-and-deceives, which were on PC. He before long moved back to his cell phone subsequent to buying a superior one, and began live-web based ordinary gaming recordings of the game. He would generally play the “Conflict Squad” method of the game. The channel was a “Free Fire-in particular” channel until 2020, when he began live-streaming the game Grand Theft Auto 5. He at that point began extending his channel by playing Spiderman and Incredible Hulk as well. This made him one of only a handful scarcely any assortment live-decorations of India.


Ron gaming in PUBG Mobile and Total gaming in Free Fire are the two famous gaming youtubers whose face uncover are the most looked through questions on the web. When all out gaming said that he will uncover his face in the middle of 2023-2024 which made a considerable lot of his fans upset yet don’t stress our interior sources can discover the genuine photographs of Ajju Bhai. We should go for restrictive face uncover of Total Gaming:


As we probably am aware in excess of 13 million supporters on his both YouTube channels which is his significant wellspring of pay. His normal month to month sees on YouTube channel is more than 40-50 million and keeping in mind that doing live streams he used to get more than 30k live crowd which is a tremendous number. From YouTube, he is bringing in cash through AdSense, Super Chats, Paytm/Google Pay gifts, Memberships and Sponsorships.

Another wellspring of pay is his online media accounts as more than 1.1 million devotees on Instagram and 1.5 million adherents on Facebook. By publicizing various brands and other stuff as supported posts via web-based media, helped his income.

Last however not the least, pay originates from his activity in a product organization where he used to fill in as a development programmer.


From all these profit details we can expect his month to month pay is Approx. Rs. 8 lakhs and Annual salary is Approx. Rs. 90 lakhs which makes,

Complete gaming’s Net Worth: Approx 1.5 crores


In the flow season, he has played a sum of 1268 crew matches and dominated 112 matches with executes more than 3675 which makes her triumphant rate is 8.8% and KD Ratio is 2.89.

Ajju bhai Feud With Gyan Gaming

On a live-web based by another YouTuber named “Gyan Gaming”, he was playing with Total Gaming. Nonetheless, his visit was being spammed with affronts like “That is no joke!”, “You can’t overcome Total Gaming!” and “Absolute Gaming is extraordinary!”. This was basically on the grounds that Gyan Gaming was not as expert in the game as Total Gaming, and the devoted watchers of Total Gaming began spamming Hindi degrades.

Gyan Gaming was bothered by this, and straight up sweared at Total Gaming, which started a feeling of counter-affront among the watchers of Total Gaming. In any case, Gyan Gaming understood his error and attempted to quiet it down. The watchers of Total Gaming, rather, began developing the discussion, and spammed disrespects on their next stream much more. It in the long run quieted down, yet Gyan Gaming has not made any explanation on this issue.

Lifetime Stats of Ajju bhai

Ajju bhai has played an aggregate of 8499 crew matches in which he dominated 2301 matches with slaughters more than 30901. In crew games, his triumphant rate is 27% with a KD Ratio of 3.63.

He has played an aggregate of 1582 couple matches in which he dominated 299 matches with all out murders more than 6192. In pair games, his triumphant rate is 18.9% with a KD Ratio of 3.91.

In solo, he played a sum of 867 games and he won 76 matches with 2205 murders which makes his triumphant rate is 8.7% with a KD proportion of 2.54.

Ajju bhai’s Free Fire ID & Name

All out Gaming Free Fire ID (UID) Number is 451012596 and his In-Game Name is ‘Ajjubhai94’. This is his fundamental Free Fire account from which he used to play on stream and numerous competitions.

What is the real name of AJJU Bhai?

The Real Name of Ajju Bhai is Ajay & generally, he used to play FREE FIRE.

Who is the owner of Total Gaming?

Ajju Bhai AKA Ajay is the owner of TOTAL GAMING

What is the income of AJJU Bhai?

Ajju Bhai Earn through the Youtube and also from his Job. But his estimated earning is Approx. Rs. 8 lakhs and Annual salary is Approx. Rs. 90 lakhs.

Ajju bhai’s, FF Profile,Stats & KD Ratio


He Never Revealed His Face.
Total Video in his YT Channel till 24th July 2020 is 795.
His YouTube Channel Have 9.46+ Million Subscribers.
His Channel Is Number 1 in Indian Gaming Community.

Total Gaming Channel Is India’s Biggest Gaming Channel. He used To Play with his friend Amitbhai.

His most viewed video is – Ajjubhai94 vs Amitbhai(Desi gamer) Best Class Battle who will win- Garena Free Fire With 9.8 Million Views and 854k Likes.

Known Facts about total gaming

  1. Ajju bhai otherwise known as Total Gaming is a product engineer by calling however also called a Free Fire player and an effective youtuber.
  2. All out Gaming is the primary Indian Gamer/Streamer to arrived at 10 million supporters on youtube. He stifled extremely well known PUBG Mobile decorations like Dynamo gaming and Soul Mortal to turn into the most bought in decoration in India.
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  1. Ajjubhai94 is generally dynamic in Squads where his triumphant rates in all the modes (Solo, Duo and Squad) is pretty much equivalent and his normal KD Ratio is between 4 to 5 which is basically acceptable.
  2. In 2019, when Indian groups were going to Germany and Indonesia for competitions, complete gaming was likewise welcomed for that however he didn’t go there because of his organization work.


YOUTUBETotal Gaming
DATE OF JOININGOctober 9, 2018


Total gaming is having 1.4 Million Instagram followers

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Total gaming is having 5000 followers on twitter


Total Gaming Facebook is having 1.4 Million Followers


Total gaming Youtube is having 11.7M subscribers

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